Clinical Trial Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all clinical aspect of study and recommend changes in implementation of various plans and design all project metrics and timeframe for project completion.

Coordinate and select appropriate vendor for all management and design all vendor specifications and provide training to all research staff.

Participate in all clinical trials and ensure compliance to all GCP regulations and plan all quality assurance activities and resolve all issues through regular audits.

Perform audit on all clinical trial documents and update all central clinical files and evaluate all reports and resolve all site associate issues.

Assist Protocol Execution team to complete all trial according to required timeframe and costs and provide assistance in execution of all programs according to clinical protocols.

Coordinate with various departments and assist to prepare all regulations for clinical trial activities and ensure adherence to all timeframe and maintain accuracy in process.

Supervise and prepare forecast for all clinical and non clinical supplies and ensure compliance to all timeframe and prepare reports for all metrics.

Collaborate with various teams for various research activities and assist in vendor management and resolve all issues through negotiation.

Prepare all clinical trial budgets and staff requirements and monitor all resources for same and develop all finance associate business processes for same.

Train all clinical site managers and provide support to staff to ensure smooth functioning and monitor delivery of all study activities.

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