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Clinical Trials Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Assist research team in all clinical trials and administer and enter all study data into electronic systems efficiently.

Resolve discrepancies and evaluate all procedures according to required protocols and ensure compliance to all common toxicity criteria.

Maintain all data logs and ensure consistency in all data.

Plan and track all clinical activity and monitor all lifecycle of trials from conceptualization to implementation.

Train all staff on all protocol specification and assess local laboratory and prepare required documentation for same.

Assist all pharmacists and ensure appropriate clinical and drug supplies and provide an interface with all laboratory technicians and prepare reports for all events.

Administer individual trials on monthly basis and evaluate all documents for clinical processes and prepare all case reports and maintain an effective management database.

Evaluate all trial data and resolve all queries and assist all research scientists to resolve all medical issues and assist all audit teams.

Monitor all audits and evaluate all results, escalate issues to project manager if required and prepare required documentation according to company policy and participate in various sponsor meetings.

Recommend improvements to increase efficiency of process and ensure compliance to all SOPS for clinical research and maintain all work as per code of conduct.

Maintain all trial data and ensure accuracy of all study materials and participate in department meetings on weekly basis and prepare various reports for all sites.

Provide update on all protocol issues and obtain approvals for all laboratory reports and manage all phone calls and provide status reports to all clients and update all patient lists.

Administer patient treatment processes and ensure compliance to all RECIST regulations and assign trials to all clinical processes.

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