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Orthopedic Surgeon Responsibilities and Duties

Treat patients with skeletal injuries and diseases.

Perform orthopedic surgeries as per established guidelines.

Utilize medical equipment and tools effectively to avoid any accidents.

Work with Nurses, ER Physicians and other hospital departments to ensure excellent patient care services.

Recommend proper diagnostic tests to identify patient’s illness.

Analyze patient’s symptoms and develop treatment plans.

Monitor and record patient’s progress according to documentation guidelines

Educate patients about treatment procedures.

Maintain up-to-date records of patient services and treatment procedures.

Communicate with patients to obtain their medical history.

Assess patient’s health condition and prescribe appropriate medications.

Address patient and staff concerns in a timely manner.

Attend regular staff meetings to discuss about any issues or updates.

Guide clinical staffs in their assigned job duties.

Attend medical courses and programs for professional development.

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