Physician Liaison Responsibilities and Duties

Respond promptly to problems identified by physicians and convey skillfully to apt administrators as well as respond back to physician.

Execute strategic physician marketing strategies and plans.

Interpret profitability, establish apt tracking mechanisms and ensure to demonstrate positive ROI.

Perform with strategically determined physicians to help introduce to physicians or hospital programs and services focusing on building Hospital’s business.

Identify and ensure to follow through on opportunities plus demonstrate skill along with persistence to overcome objections.

Support development, communication and distribution of prime information as supervised by hospital administration.

Interact with all eligible physicians on time, attain Physician Referral Profiles as required.

Ensure to secure successfully face to face meetings with all physicians and key decision-makers in practices.

Convey effectively problems faced by departments having impact on marketability and recommend potential solutions.

Comply with assigned budget, manage suitably and report timely in budget spreadsheet.

Coordinate entire new hire physician credentialing and paper work.

Maintain confidentiality of patients, employees, administration as well as medical staff information.

Coordinate all site tour as well as orientation for entire new hires.

Submit voucher forms with suitable receipts and details for reimbursement.

Organize travel for all providers.

Maintain and update attendance plus time off records regularly for all providers.

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