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Assistant Nurse Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Assist Head Nurse in coordinating and facilitating patient care services according to established standards.

Plan and schedule daily work for nursing staffs.

Coordinate with Head Nurse in development of department budgets and goals.

Identify areas of improvements and implement corrective plans.

Supervise and guide nurses in providing quality patient care to ensure patient satisfaction.

Ensure nursing staffs follow hospital policies and procedures.

Evaluate patient care activities and recommend improvements.

Monitor performance of each nurse and provide feedback.

Maintain positive, safe and achievement oriented working environment.

Coordinate with Head Nurse in management of patient care units.

Educate nursing staff on hospital policies and public health laws.

Assist in candidate recruiting, training, performance evaluation, promotion and termination activities.

Schedule orientation and educational programs for newly hired nurses.

Prepare and maintain administrative documents, budget reports and patient care records.

Work with Head Nurse to determine staffing requirements and shift schedules.

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