Operations Support Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Monitor and provide support to all operational procedures for current production application.

Analyze and prioritize all research oriented programs.

Administer and recommend changes for various processes to ensure escalation of operational proficiency.

Maintain various documents for operational systems and update it as required.

Develop and analyze all key operational metrics to evaluate performance.

Supervise all performance assessment programs in association with operational groups.

Develop various comprehensive dashboards and provide upgrade to various software tools like Excel.

Maintain and enhance various status reports for operations.

Perform research and assist in effective implementation of systems.

Develop and maintain all communication with IT departments on computerized systems.

Review and supervise computer operating systems, networking opportunities and determine upkeep of peripheral devices.

Analyze and resolve all computer related intricate problems to ensure growth and improvement.

Maintain and efficient communication system to facilitate members and improve correspondence.

Monitor and identify all obsolete procedures and processes and ensure resolution.

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