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Plumbing Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare detail layout plans for all drainage and water supply systems for all residential and official buildings.

Perform regular inspection on all equipments and materials and assist in fabrication of same if required.

Manage and perform tests on various materials and equipments and maintain knowledge on all product specifications and ensure adherence to all required standards.

Collaborate with various teams to design all architectural and electrical requirements for all plumbing projects.

Assist to allocate appropriate CAD design for all activities and ensure compliance to all client timeframe.

Evaluate all design drawings according to required quality regulations.

Monitor installation and perform tests on various water and sewage lines for all residential and commercial buildings.

Install various commission pumps.

Administer all plumbing work and provide certification to all contractor bills.

Perform regular inspection al materials and works for all plumbing activities.

Collaborate with all consultants and contractors for all plumbing associated work.

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