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Production Control Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze, plan, and manage production control activities to improve runtime.

Review production plan to identify risks and communicate the same to Manager.

Plan inventory management technique to avoid any shortages and excesses.

Plan and monitor material movement in production cycle to ensure continuous operations.

Develop process improvements for inventory, manufacturing and production control systems to meet business objectives.

Analyze customer orders and establish production schedules for timely delivery.

Review change orders and execute them appropriately.

Investigate production control problems, analyze root causes, and derive solutions.

Ensure that staffs follow company policies and safety procedures.

Determine equipment, material and manpower requirements for each job order.

Monitor the execution of job orders and adjust production schedule for timely delivery.

Develop positive relationship with staffs and customer to meet productivity goals.

Negotiate job orders with customers based on equipment capacity and material availability.

Analyze current and backlog job orders and accordingly develop production plan and schedules.

Work with materials, manufacturing and purchasing departments in identifying and resolving production planning problems.

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