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Production Controller Responsibilities and Duties

Assist in production activity control to meet business and financial objectives.

Work with Managers to plan and manage production tasks to improve runtime.

Review production plans to identify and report potential risks to Manager.

Develop inventory control techniques to avoid shortages and excesses.

Assist in processing customer orders and shipments according to the established schedule.

Assist Managers in controlling production costs while maintaining the quality standards.

Review job orders and accordingly establish priorities and schedules.

Monitor execution of job orders and adjust schedules for timely delivery.

Maintain up-to-date knowledge on company objectives, production strategies and support activities.

Plan and monitor material movement in production cycles to ensure continuous operations.

Plan equipment, material and manpower needs for job order.

Coordinate with Manager in resolving production planning and control issues.

Work with Manager to prepare job order documents and give timely approvals.

Work with cross-functional teams to complete job orders on-time and within customer specifications.

Communicate production updates to Managers and customers on regular basis.

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