Production Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Work with management in coordinating and planning journal production activities.

Provide administration assistance to Production Managers when needed.

Prepare and review internal documentations for management and production staffs.

Monitor and manage production schedules for timely delivery.

Coordinate and monitor flow of manuscript between Authors, Editors, Designers and production units.

Coordinate with marketing teams for advertisement placements in journals.

Communicate production status to management on regular basis.

Develop training documents, standards procedures and production guidelines for staffs.

Guide and supervise junior staffs when needed.

Work with Managers to coordinate, plan and delegate daily work responsibilities to production staff.

Build positive working relationships with co-workers to achieve productivity.

Maintain budget and financial records according to company policies.

Proofread company documents before printing and releasing.

Develop work orders and schedules for upcoming productions.

Stay current on company projects and branding.

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