Methods Process Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze present and future business environment and ensure compliance to all guidelines.

Prepare forecasts and utilize various infrastructure programs for organization to prepare future business plans.

Provide support to all unit level processes and assist to transfer load and work processes to placement.

Design and promote projects and streamline work to suit appropriate budgets.

Perform assessment on all production rates; provide support to all presentations for new businesses.

Develop and maintain business systems and plan manufacturing process for same.

Prepare appropriate labor hour estimates for new and revise production packages and provide expertise on same.

Evaluate performance for all labor hour and ensure compliance to regulations.

Analyze all approve plans, recommend changes for all unchanged plans.

Administer cost and resources for processes and identify impact of changes on same.

Monitor all proposals and plans and modify it according to requirement.

Coordinate with senior analysts and develop complex operation plans and prepare appropriate costs and schedules for same.

Maintain and analyze various shop performance metrics and provide support to various plans.

Participate in various project teams for cross functional teams.

Provide support to all proposal activities.

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