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International Procurement Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Maintains daily data related to all company procurement plan.

Coordinate with donor companies and sellers and provide all clarification on document approval and issue it in scheduled time.

Prepare various procurement plans with competitors and vendors prepare efficient documents according to present market plans.

Maintain all catalogues, brochures and records for suppliers and maintain records for all important date in computer.

Participate in all bidding procedures and evaluate same and prepare efficient reports to ensure compliance to all legal requirements.

Prepare data for authorized vendors and measurement tools and implement product effectively.

Maintain relationships with sellers and different departments to execute all product according to project requirement.

Evaluate efficient working of departments and discuss with faculty about all vcontract problems.

Develop contracts for potential authorities and negotiate with suppliers and maintain all procurement policies.

Perform assessments on all product and values to maintain quality and facilitate necessary steps for procurement.

Coordinate with suppliers and maintain e rates and quality standard of products.

Prepare product delivery schedule and administer all after sales service activities.

Prepare and monitor all regular reports as required by corporate office.

Maintain knowledge on all current trends and maintain procurement pipelines according to corporate standards.

Coordinate with international supply chains with special importance on china.

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