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Product Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with Product Managers to create business and pricing plans that contribute to profit and growth.

Perform design, development and management of new, existing or acquisition products.

Work with business team and key stakeholders to define scope, costs and timelines for updating existing products and implementing new products.

Implement existing product updates to meet the customer needs.

Assist in the deployment of new products.

Work with product design team to understand product feasibility and limitations.

Work with the quality assurance team to ensure that delivered system is properly tested and meets the product requirements.

Work with product design team to analyze and clarify product requirements.

Prepare and distribute product performance reports to customers.

Work with distribution partners to identify sales opportunities and to position products on key platforms.

Work with Product Managers in promoting products to improve sales and revenue.

Identify product marketing ideas and opportunities based on industry trends, current market environment and competitive trends.

Facilitate changes to product portfolio to improve competitive position and optimal product performance.

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