QA Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Design all test scripts and ensure compliance to all test plans for operational system and validate all tests for various activities.

Coordinate with teams to assist in developing all resources for projects and identify all required defects and design all test automation systems and validate all test scripts for all regression programs and manage efficient handling of all regression tests.

Provide technical support to all delivery teams and maintain knowledge on all FICO tests and prepare all test plans and verify all business requirements for projects.

Develop and maintain efficient quality assurance tests according to required policies and procedures and prepare reports for same for all test activities and collaborate with developers and business analysts and evaluate all documents.

Assist to perform compatibility tests for all component tests and design all user cases as per user requirement.

Perform all vulnerability tests and protect all data according to standards and design all comprehensive test cases for all software programs and supervise development of all test standards.

Provide subject matter expertise for all technical issues and perform quality audits on all processes and maintain compliance to all standards and procedures.

Manage and assist to prevent reoccurrence of all operational issues and coordinate with all system users and technical team and provide required teaching to all departmental staff.

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