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QA Director Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze all customer issues for all internal and external resources and prepare all strategic plans to facilitate growth and administer all data and ensure quality processes and maintain all customer satisfaction.

Develop all business quality performance measurements and maintain efficient measurements for all quality performance and participate in all operation system meetings and develop and deploy an efficient global quality management system.

Provide support to all audit functions for sales and service policies and procedures and ensure adherence to all Quality Management system and prepare efficient strategies for same and ensure efficiency of all tests and recommend improvements to same.

Perform all manual functional tests and development automation tests and coordinate with Quality control team and recommendation quality system improvements and manage all regulatory efforts and ensure compliance to all product requirements and specifications.

Administer all global quality assurance activities and ensure adherence to all objectives for organization and provide training to all teams for Quality Assurance activities and coordinate with business leaders and ensure work according to timeframe.

Manage all policies and procedures and ensure all work according to applicable standards and regulations and monitor all quality metrics for Quality Assurance activities and analyze all metric data and monitor all industry performance.

Implement all Quality Assurance schedule and revise all project deliverables for all available resources and design and efficient Quality Assurance platform and manage all communication and prepare all internal processes for all programs and assist in implementation for same.

Manage all communication for all reporting channels and prepare required status reports for all quality assurance programs and manage working of multiple teams and perform tests on all projects and design an efficient departmental infrastructure.

Supervise all project staff and prepare an efficient schedule and budget got all activities and provide training to all Quality Assurance team and resolve all conflict and assist all vendors and design all contracts.

Maintain and provide update to all policies and procedures and maintain all quality procedures manuals.

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