Quality Management Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate, assist, train and evaluate quality management process regularly in specific segments within operations support center.

Supervise adherence with funding sources, contract, accreditation standards and quality.

Record results and report Director of Quality Management.

Gather, compile and evaluate different program data documents like incident reports, satisfaction surveys and recommendations QM Director.

Train staff on Quality Management process and factors relevant to QM.

Participate in department safety committee meetings.

Explain and tutor committee members on safety issues and support members seek solutions.

Record results and suggestions and report QM Director.

Plan, execute, coordinate and support quarterly team members record review in assigned divisions.

Involve proactively to plan, manage and assist quarterly Quality Management team meetings.

Compile all QM reports and present to Director of QM.

Develop process to encourage teams for becoming self-sufficient.

Participate in QM related meetings and trainings.

Explain training information to concerned staff.

Analyze, suggest and manage staff training needs on basis of contractual requirement.

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