Disaster Recovery Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Plan, prepare, run as well as manage design and execution of G&K Services’s organization wide DRM program.

Incorporate policies, procedures, maturity models, plans, metrics, sourcing strategies and scorecards for entire program components.

Conduct Business Impact evaluation of new or changes in business functions.

Participate with all internal audit processes.

Perform directly with Business Continuity Manager to maintain entire Disaster Recovery program.

Assist every aspect of Disaster Recovery functions.

Develop further entire Disaster Recovery Strategy.

Ensure to track program to Disaster Recovery roadmap.

Develop Economic Evaluation Analysis (EEA) requests commensurate with roadmaps.

Manage and direct Disaster Recovery projects as per approval.

Perform to reduce Disaster Recovery pertinent audit findings.

Prepare and run all Disaster Recovery testing tasks.

Ensure plans of Disaster Recovery for entire sites are executable and complete.

Develop all training material related to Disaster Recovery.

Manage entire Disaster Recovery Coordinator properly.

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