Safety Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate on-site inspections to audit physical conditions and safe work practices.

Develop company Job Safety Analysis program.

Manage company safety policies and OSHA compliance programs.

Evaluate Health and Safety methods, policies, procedures and programs.

Synthesize with departments on safety and ergonomics expertise.

Coordinate and engage in Health and Safety Team.

Develop company health and safety policies and procedures.

Manage information, records and resources for Safety Management Program.

Execute safety training and OSHA compliance programs.

Handle current knowledge of company safety policies and federal, state and local laws.

Research regulatory requirements, industry standards and health and safety best practices.

Handle record confidentiality and follow policy on information release.

Train and support personnel on safety projects and resources.

Develop, gather and manage HSE data for corporate HSE reports.

Support Safety Suggestion Program.

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