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Automotive Sales Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Anticipate sales and expenses goals monthly and annually and prepare departmental operating budget.

Hire, train and monitor automotive sales employees and process and monitor commission sheets and payroll.

Determine and upgrade in compliance with Federal and State laws affecting automotive sales.

Support salesmen to set realistic and aggressive monthly targets and support deal closure and approval.

Monitor departmental customer satisfaction ratings and ensure potential buyer follow up to develop, execute and supervise sales control system.

Recommend color, model and equipment based inventory needs.

Direct staffing, performance evaluation and training for effective functioning of sales and service programs.

Review and monitor customer preference and operational records to focus automotive sales efforts.

Consult with department heads for advertising services and securing equipment and customer information.

Discuss with prospects on equipment needs and advise on type of automotive equipment to buy.

Handle retail related concerns and coordinate with salespeople to close vehicle purchase deals.

Responsible for purchasing, appraising and managing inventory.

Forecast annual dealership sales by estimating total vehicle sales and operating profits and new and used sales department expenses.

Hold scheduled sales training and meetings to plan and implement automotive sales objectives.

Respond to customer complaints and ensure highest level of customer satisfaction.

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