Inside Sales Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure to follow up with all clients to ensure timely delivery as well as equipment condition.

Ensure successful maximization of sales opportunities results.

Study, learn and interpret competitive methods, pricing and tendencies.

Ensure to follow up on entire rate inquiries and pending deals closure.

Notify inside sales representatives and entire leads immediately.

Convey all prospective and lost revenue to Sales Representative and Branch Manager immediately.

Comply with credit methods inclusive of violations of credit limit violations.

Check entire overdue RA’s for violations of credit limit and everyday exposure.

Maintain detailed records as required for inside sales coordination.

Prepare reports everyday and ensure to complete monthly fuel reports on set time.

Maintain all counter current rates and equipment parameters for equipment inventoried at every branch.

File all summary reports once in month and on scheduled time.

Organize and develop documents relevant to inside sales coordination.

Integrate desktop publishing features in necessary documents to develop professional-looking printed material.

Execute macros effectively to refine page consistency and formatting.

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