Sales and Marketing Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure to contact sales prospects through email marketing as well as phone calls.

Respond to all web leads along with incoming calls to book 3-4 appointments everyday for presentations.

Support to activate accounts as well as awarding points to all leads.

Coordinate and present proposals plus agreements to clients for purpose to enroll new clients.

Perform with internal service team to assure clubs are serviced and launched.

Consult customers on marketing best practices and available marketing.

Schedule as well as maintain monthly communication with respective Club Owner or GM and execute benchmark reviews.

Direct, develop, coordinate and present Social Media plus email marketing or e-newsletter strategy to existing clients and prospects.

Record all customer and prospective interactions and maintain contact database of SalesForce.

Ensure to attempt to resuscitate customer cancellation requests.

Participate actively in industry trade shows.

Prepare, update and maintain marketing collateral.

Interact with operations team and customers on purchases plus near term order management.

Support weekly client commitment as well as production scheduling process.

Respond to all initial client inquiries.

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