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Sales Promotion Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Oversee all operations for all local authorized retailer programs inclusive of contract management, support, compliance and cost control.

Analyze and identify continuously opportunities to stimulate process enhancement having positive impact external and internal client experiences plus improve efficiencies.

Develop and execute solutions to enhance market metrics as well as processes.

Manage certified retailer program to assure retailers operate within contract confines.

Manage entire supporting processes plus programs assisting indirect channel as well as market operations.

Supervise Dealer System of Record database required for process adherence, data integrity along with market support.

Develop and maintain relations with entire sales leadership team to determine, issues, adjust, review and enhance business practices as required.

Supervise training programs as well as deployment.

Ensure to measure success along with impact on operations plus sales.

Direct market operations teams involving Market Operations Managers as well as Market Support Representatives.

Ensure to monitor market KPIs plus process audits to conducting regularly and validate operational compliance and integrity.

Perform closely with all cross functional teams to assure operational consistency and cohesion.

Inspect market metrics, comply with policy, training as well as support for every market.

Stimulate and define entire sales forecasting process.

Collaborate with Operations as well as Finance Department to enforce production planning process.

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