Task Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Schedule all engineering activities.

Ensure compliance to all engineering practices and codes and manage communication with all project leads and assist in all procurement services.

Plan all production schedules and coordinate with engineering and purchasing department for same and develop all technical activities for various projects.

Review and determine all appropriate staffing requirements within required budget and timeframe and prepare all technical publications and software resources for projects.

Administer all phases of planning and implementation of medium projects and analyze all potential risks and monitor all project requirements.

Monitor and ensure compliance to all Quality Assurance procedures and evaluate all client issues and comments.

Design all applicable lessons for various teams and provide support to all project managers to design proposals and monitor all change order costs and evaluate all complex projects.

Plan and coordinate various activities for projects and ensure compliance to all task procedures and policies and oversee all projects.

Oversee all filed staff performance and assist to collect all soil and groundwater and prepare required reports and manage all contacts for various subcontractors.

Provide support to all business development activities and maintain efficient relationships with all clients.

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