Community Organizer Responsibilities and Duties

Apply managerial skills to coordinating with and training staff, assigning tasks and evaluating them.

Encourage members to participate in fundraising, recruitments and management to consolidate the position of company.

Guide and mentor staff in planning, organizational, collaboration and advertising skills.

Encourage new ideas, designs, strategies and leaders, and hire consistently varied and qualified candidates.

Coordinate with staff to devise action plans to promote a broader social change in community.

Mentor, encourage and educate the chapter in formulating strategies, assessments and supervise his use of company website.

Prepare content on Chapter work for media in collaboration with Director and staff

Educate staff and Chapter on significance of fundraising and encourage them to inculcate revenue generating skills.

Plan strategies with chapter and management for the expansion of the organization through increased recruitments and fundraising efforts.

Devise unique, profitable and acknowledging strategies to please donors and staff and therefore rise revenue generation.

Teach promotional tactics to staff and arm them with the requisite information and training for decision-making and interacting with officials and media.

Establish close ties with partners, officials and media.

Inform team director about personal plans, and coordinate to assess periodical company work plans in accordance to community guidelines.

Assist in planning organizational meetings and activities and actively contribute towards the same.

Contribute towards marinating a mutually respectful and friendly work culture.

Support at large members in their organization efforts as per convenience.

Carry out personal administrative tasks such as communications, reporting and maintain records for convenience of successive members.

Treat office equipment and accessories with care and respect and uphold a clean and disciplined environment.

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