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Youth Advocate Responsibilities and Duties

Administer and communicate with young homeless people on street.

Manage communication with homeless adolescents and inform about appropriate services and provide transport if required.

Analyze individual requirement and perform identity crisis to recommend appropriate counseling.

Monitor residents in an area and provide crisis intervention as required.

Manage resources for specific population.

Maintain knowledge on present resources available for homeless youth.

Provide support services to residents on an area and facilitate access to services.

Develop comprehensive programs and encourage adolescents to join various programs.

Coordinate with clients for various social service programs and monitor distress need of adolescents.

Participate in various training programs and workshops and supervise efficient working.

Prepare and maintain case records on a monthly and quarterly basis and assist in case management.

Maintain and update documents for all clients.

Provide an interface between authorities and homeless youth.

Monitor all resolve all conflicts of homeless adolescents.

Develop educational programs on a variety of topics such as HIV and AIDS.

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