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Assistant Football Coach Responsibilities and Duties

Recruit student athletes, and submit their academic records for admission.

Develop the offensive and defensive game strategies for students.

Demonstrate game techniques and recommend player position assignments.

Cooperate in the pre and post workouts.

Assist in the designation and recruitment of scholarship athletes.

Plan and schedule coaching sessions according to established standards.

Understand each player’s strengths and weakness and accordingly train players individually or in groups.

Maintain skill development programs for designated players such as offenses, defenses, receivers, linebackers and quarterbacks.

Supervise the purchase of equipment, uniforms, and supplies based on assigned budget.

Coordinate with Business Office in recruiting and team traveling activities.

Coordinate maintenance and repair works for athletic equipment.

Promote athletic programs through community events, fundraising, public speaking and marketing.

Supervise academic progress of each player and implement necessary action plans.

Maintain discipline and conduct standards for players.

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