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Assistant Womens Basketball Coach Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor efficient working of sports program and provide training to student athletes.

Train and mentor all student athletes and facilitate in effective development of athletic skills to achieve maximum potential.

Coordinate with Head Coach and evaluate effective performance.

Schedule games and provide assistance to organize all games and manage all communication with athletes and Athletics and Recreation staff as required.

Monitor all facilities and equipment and ensure efficiency prior to all practice sessions and games.

Analyze and prepare all plans for players travel and lodging at far way games.

Attend all games and practice meetings as required.

Collaborate with other teams and assist to recruit various high school and junior college players and evaluate performance to ensure efficiency.

Maintain knowledge and update same to prepare various new offensive and defensive strategies for team.

Provide assistance to athletes in both pre and post workouts.

Assist opponents and maintain all tapes and video equipment for all home and away games.

Maintain for all statistics for individual game.

Assists Head Coach to organize, supervise and evaluate practice sessions and recommend changes and enhancements to students.

Prepare various recruitment programs for prospective student and athletes.

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