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Associate Business Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor all product and service sales cycle and assist customer to choose appropriate products and provide regular assessment on all business strategies.

Administer and ensure optimal implementation of all business architecture to ensure customer satisfaction and provide training to staff to ensure satisfaction to both customers and partners.

Develop innovative architecture system to design various automation networks and assist to develop complex product with external sources.

Evaluate and develop various automation scripts as per client requirement as per automation flow of business architecture.

Prepare tests scripts for all automation scripts and train various team members to use various automation techniques and script languages and develop appropriate scripts.

Analyze all defects identified by team and validate same to ensure accuracy in data and evaluate all processes according business requirement and perform analysis on all root causes.

Design business cases for all user cases and prepare various automation frameworks.

Develop various automation scripts and framework for all web applications and prepare scripts with help of all QTP scripts.

Assist all users to identify all business requirements and prepare programs for all preliminary plans and develop all design documents for business architecture.

Manage all assign projects and prepare preliminary designs to evaluate all construction documents.

Design wide range of all business applications and provide support to all staff to design architecture for special projects.

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