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eCommerce Business Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze all business systems for multiple projects and document all business specifications and participate in various meetings for system groups and perform tests on same and assist to analyze all system defects.

Analyze all internal and external business requirements and provide detail specifications for all ecommerce sites and manage communication with all participants in projects.

Organize and participate in various department coordination meetings and assist all project managers to prioritize all development process and validate all results.

Prepare documents for all ecommerce business procedure and analyze all site traffic to recommend efficient marketing plans and administer all email programs and search engine marketing activities.

Supervise and document all interface requirements for functional department and analyze and recommend strategies to enhance projects and coordinate with digital marketing team and analyze all projects from conceptualization to implementation.

Evaluate all creative products and develop all business timeframe and production schedule for projects and develop various key performance metrics for all ecommerce activities.

Analyze and recommend improvements to all sites and prepare reports for productivity programs and coordinate with team to design effective test strategies to increase site productivity for all ecommerce procedures.

Design all everyday reports for productive pages and analyze all site to increase traffic to same and assist in customer acquisition for various programs.

Perform analysis on all ecommerce activities on weekly basis and identify all obstacles for customers in check out process and recommend improvements to same.

Coordinate with all operations and marketing departments to achieve al financial objectives and design all online marketing programs for all consumer projects and perform analysis on return on investment and position all merchandise effectively.

Partner with ecommerce teams to perform and recommend improvements to site performance and prepare various ad hoc reports for multiple brands and analyze performance.

Develop and execute various new systems and provide enhancements to all existing systems and gather all requirements for facilitation of all ecommerce activities and design user cases for efficient flow events according to regulations.

Monitor all redesigning processes and ensure incorporation of all new technology to site and perform research on all systems to improve processes and perform tests on new features and analyze all business requirements.

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