Principal Statistician Responsibilities and Duties

Utilize statistical methods to respond to business as well as engineering questions.

Support managers to find patterns as well as relationships in data.

Prepare bidding and optimize algorithms to maximize marketing strategies efficiency.

Prepare statistical courses and train internal scientific or technical staff as required.

Contribute to entire departmental process along with infrastructure activities.

Develop statistical analysis plans inclusive of table shells.

Present evaluation for entire ad hoc/data reports.

Provide listings, tables and graphs for all final study reports.

Evaluate and report clinical trials results.

Present statistical input to prepare final study reports and varied required documents.

Provide statistical assistance to all integrated reports, post submission activities and submissions preparation.

Contribute to prepare Clinical Development Plan.

Assist to prepare manuscripts required for statistician.

Ensure to describe all project requirements to respective programmers.

Perform as statistical lead on NDA or sNDA.

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