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First Grade Teacher Responsibilities and Duties

Teach assigned subjects to first grade students according to curriculum plan.

Coordinate with other first grade teachers to maintain consistency in curriculum.

Develop lesson plans and instructional ideas according to school standards.

Motivate students to participate in various educational activities.

Develop creative learning opportunities for student’s education, social and behavioral growth.

Interact with parents to inform about their children’s academic progress.

Create positive, structured, learning and safe environment for students.

Develop and maintain student behavioral and discipline policies.

Coordinate with other staffs to evaluate and enhance curricular programs for student academic excellence.

Accommodate different learning styles and instruction methodology for English language learners and special education students.

Use different assessment methods to evaluate student progress, their academic strengths and weaknesses.

Maintain accurate attendance and grade records for each student.

Assist in planning and implementing school programs and other activities.

Develop positive parent teacher relationship and promote parent teacher partnerships.

Monitor student activities in school premise and ensure safety of every student in the classroom and school grounds.

Attend educational trainings and workshops for professional growth.

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