Master Teacher Responsibilities and Duties

Interact regularly with teachers, assistant teachers and facilitate to prepare weekly plans plus activities.

Interact with Citywide Director for curriculum plans as well as activities review and analyze program’s effectiveness.

Participate in all requested staff meetings as well as in-service offered at center.

Review progress of every child minimum once in Quarter with staff.

Prepare written plans to improve every child’s growth as well as development.

Perform with staff to plan and participate in parental activities.

Maintain all facility safe and in satisfactory condition.

Supervise and support everyday teachers, teacher assistants, substitutes plus volunteers to include sharing routine program plans as well as discuss children goals.

Perform with classroom staff to plan and execute Evening Care activities as in daily program on basis of principles of child development and complying with program’s curriculum.

Establish and maintain safe, well-organized and attractive classroom atmosphere conducive to children development and optimal growth.

Develop and maintain positive relations with every child and parents to promote development of self-esteem as well as self-discipline.

Ensure to setup positive relations with every child’s family plus share information about child’s performance and activities at Center.

Monitor classroom, help children to think creatively and solve problems independently.

Provide respect to all students, their families and complete teaching and administrative staff members.

Facilitate preparation of meal and snack, feed children and teach table manners.

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