Traffic Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Update and maintain departmental records everyday.

Design and implement work methods as well as procedures.

Coordinate traffic functions after hour emergency call-backs.

Schedule, assign plus inspect sign fabrication, replacement and installation.

Log and update work orders, signs, payroll as well as marking inventories in computer database.

Prepare purchase orders properly and complete management reports.

Attain and negotiates with all contract vendors to order materials, material pricing as well as job setups.

Perform field inspections with purpose to prioritize restriping as well as sign replacement and respond to citizen complaints.

Assist to sign and prepare graphics fabrication plus application.

Ensure to authorize overtime expenditures.

Coordinate signal work with entire Pinellas County and perform duties of director in his absence.

Head responsibility for routine planning as well as coordination of activities on every account.

Coordinate new agency personnel training to perform varied related duties as needed and assigned by supervisor.

Develop daily status reports plus lead status meetings with team to review due dates.

Conduct multiple tasks on entire strong deadlines gracefully and well-organized.

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