Travel Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Support corporate as well as small group travel reservations.

Ensure to confirm availability plus convey tentative itinerary to repective traveler for approval.

Confirm reservations, distributes tickets along with confirmations to traveler.

Research on optimal travel alternatives.

Coordinate, supervise and implement every aspects of travel arrangements for staff, executives, athletes and production team.

Maintain and update profiles or STARS for corporate as well as customer travel.

Maintain queues to assure approvals as attained as well as deadlines are met.

Resolve organization travel related technical conflicts.

Research and resolve all incorrect charges with respected to entire travel program.

Review travel associated invoices as well as statements for accuracy plus codes for Accounts Payable.

Ensure to compare invoices with genuine travel transactions to validate every charge.

Verify entire group reservation request for correctness against meeting profile.

Identify most suitable as well as best quality service with reasonable possible rates.

Collect information from travel agent and hotels vendors etc.

Perform with Travel Agency to verify travel details and arrange reservations using existing flight schedules as well as Internet resources.

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