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Deciding on child support can be a difficult issue. A child support agreement letter will lay out what both sides are willing to agree upon when it comes to child support. Oftentimes, child support is mandated by a court, but if the two parties can sit down with a lawyer or mediator they can draw up their own formal agreement and sign it with a notary. This letter can be used as a contract if the couple is not undergoing arbitration or it can be submitted to a judge.

Format and Content

The child support agreement letter format should be acceptable as a legal defense, so it must be formally written. It should include information from both parties and cover the basic costs and terms of a child support agreement. It should contain the signature of at least one third party, preferentially a legal entity, as well as the signatures of thetwoparents. This is a binding agreement, or proof of an appropriate settlement to be submitted for judicial review.


This child support agreement letter sample is a basic letter put together by two parents and their mediator. After finding terms they could both agree to, they put it in writing and signed it so that it was ready to submit it to the judge in their divorce proceeding.

May 18, 2012

Marie Hugh
Mediator with Johnson & Johnson Law
Portland, Oregon

Judge Rob Kendall
Family Court District 3
Portland, Oregon

Judge Rob Kendall,

On behalf of parents Katie Morgan and Howard Lopes, I would like to present acceptable terms for a child support agreement by both parents for their children Lily and Andrew Lopes.

The children will live 75% of the time with their mother and 25% of the time with their father, including a full week every three months. Both parents are willing to be flexible and cooperate with the other party’s schedule.

Day-to-day cost will be incurred by the parent currently responsible for living arrangements.
Insurance: Will be covered by the father and any uninsured costs will be covered 75% by the father and 25% by the mother through undergraduate studies.
Income Tax Benefits: Will be split according to incurred costs.
College Fund: Both parents will contribute 10% of salary after taxes to a college fund split evenly between the two children.
Lost Income: Father will agree to pay 50% of lost income for the first two years.
Car: Father will provide a used driving vehicle for both children by age 18 or contribute up to $10,000 towards the cost of a new vehicle. Both parents expect their children to find jobs to cover their own insurance.

Death or Disability:
Both parents will agree upon a will to cover the children if either parent is killed or disabled within six months of this agreement’s approval.

Conflict Resolution:
Both parents plan to use other means outside of the judiciary courts to resolve conflicts. Both parents agree to personal meetings and then conflict resolution for all disagreements including financial.

The details in this agreement have been approved by both parties together and individually with the mediator, but are being submitted to the court for final approval.

Marie Hugh,

_____________________      _____________________
Katie Morgan, Mother                  Howard Lopes, Father
777 Hummingbird Way             863 Green Mountain Dr.
Portland, Orgeon                          Astoria, Washington

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