Block Style Letter Format

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A block style letter format is one of the most common types of letter written in business circles. I f you are writing a general business letter which doesn’t fall into any specific category then a block letter style format is the one to choose.

The key to a block letter is to keep every section of the letter on the left hand side. The letter should be formal in composition. Below is an example of a block letter, which you can use as a guide when writing these letters.

Contact details

Your name


Zip Code

Phone number or Email address optional

Contact details

Recipients Name


Zip Code

Remember not to include any commas in the contact details section.

Dear (insert contact name)

Paragraph 1: Introductory paragraph which should include information about what the letter will include. You can also give some information about yourself if you are writing to this person for the first time.

Paragraph 2: Main body of letter. This section can be broken up into two sections if the content will go this far, or if you feel that there are two separate subjects to address. Stick to the business of the letter, and keep the feel formal.

Paragraph 3/4: This is a concluding paragraph where you should cover the ground that you have already mentioned. Reiterate your main message, and thank the reader for their time.



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