Great Sample Resume

Advocacy Letter Format

Dear Councilperson,

1st Paragraph

– Introduction. This section should discuss the issue or issues and what you hope your political representative will do to resolve the situation as you see it. You should spend between two to four sentences on this section.

2nd Paragraph

– The main body. This is where you will discuss the issue in detail. Explain how you found out about it, why it is your concern, and how it affects other people including your friends and family and the general people in your community. This section can be as long as it needs to be.

3rd Paragraph

– Your views on the solution. Here you need to explain how you think the situation can be rectified and how your idea will address the problem.

4th Paragraph

– Conclusion. Reiterate what the problem is, and restate what action you hope will be taken. Indicate how you think that this will benefit the neighbourhood and local community and you yourself. Your last sentence in this section should be a firm statement about the problem in summation.