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Letter of Apology to Employer

A letter of apology to employer should be written when an employee find him or herself in a disgraceful situation. It could be due to an infraction of policy, a mistake when filing or producing documents, or even arguing with a fellow employee, a manager, or a customer. It is the first step an employee should take in atoning for any false actions or mistakes performed that affect his or her work, work environment, or company.

Format and Content

The letter of apology to employer format should be written in formal language. The format should include the sender’s address and a formal greeting and signature. The content of the letter should include a reference to the infraction or action requiring an apology. Most importantly, it should sound sincere and apologize for the action. It should also include an acknowledgement of any and all actions being done to correct the mistake, infraction, or other problem.


This letter of apology to employer sample is from an employee who got mad at a customer during a routine sales call that became heated due to a misunderstanding. The customer was a long-term customer who threatened to leave the company.

Dear Mr. Brown,

I would like to sincerely apologize for my actions when I lost my temper at one of our most respected customers. I know that my action showed disrespect not only to the customer, but also to you and the company. Additionally, it lacked the professionalism I know is expected of an employee at Bellyfull of Joy. It also put our entire company at risk, as well as the work environment we work so hard to build.

I know that I cannot change my actions. However, I am fully set on doing what I can to right the wrong I caused. In addition to apologizing to you, I am also formally apologizing to Mrs. Wallace for my actions. I have worked hard on a plan to ensure that we do not lose her as a customer. I am also taking every step possible to ensure that the same action will not occur in the future. I know that my actions have risked not only my own employment here, but the entire company’s reputation, and I strive to fix my mistake.

I value my position here at Bellyfull of Joy. I hope that our professional relationship will not be harmed by my actions. I believe that I can still do my duties to make our company the best in the business. Our teamwork has created many successful endeavors for our company, and I hope to continue our successful working relationship into the future. I promise that I will not lose my temper in the future, and will retain the highest level of professionalism expected of me.


Kelly A. Bailey

Manager of Sales

Bellyfull of Joy