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Letter of Appreciation for Job Well Done

Writing letters is becoming something of a lost art today. Many in the younger generation would rather shoot an email or post a Facebook message to thank someone. Nevertheless, the old-fashioned letter of appreciation for a job well done is still an excellent way to show gratitude to someone who exceeded expectations at work or in some other area. Letters with hand written signatures are often saved as keepsakes by the recipients.

Format and Content

Thank you letters are often very valuable, particularly to people who may feel their efforts go unnoticed. A letter of appreciation for a job well done format should mention the specific accomplishments of the individual, the overall impact the person’s work had on the business or organization and the timeframe in which the job was done. It is a good idea to place a copy of the letter in the individual’s personnel file.


A medium sized company just went through a complete computer system conversion, and this letter of appreciation for a job well done sample is written to the person who lead the conversion. The letter is from the CEO of the company and includes an extra week of vacation.

Dear Wendy,

I want to take the time to let you know what an excellent job you did on the company wide system conversion last week. We did not experience a second of down time, and the employees and customers have felt virtually no pain from the event. Your technology staff did an excellent job of training the rest of the employees on the new system, and I know that is due to your extraordinary leadership in that department and on this project.

The new system that you lobbied for is already on the way to helping the company realize a robust return on investment, and that has the board of directors singing your praises to as you were the one who introduced this system to the company and lobbied for its purchase and implementation. That has proven to be a stellar move on your part. Please know that when evaluation time comes around, you will be rewarded for your tremendous efforts. The new system has already shown management that all of our processes are now faster and more efficient, enabling us to serve more customers each day, and that directly impacts company revenue in a very positive way.

I know that you put in a tremendous number of hours during the research into a new system, the installation, implementation and employee training time. As a token of my appreciation, and preceding a salary increase that will come with your next evaluation, I want to go ahead and give you an extra week’s vacation to be taken at your convenience. The Human Resources Department has been informed of your additional week of vacation and a copy of this letter will be placed in your permanent employee file. Again, thank you for such an outstanding performance.

With Deep Appreciation for a job well done,

Andrea Zimmerman

Andrea J. Zimmerman

cc: Human Resources Department