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Appreciation Letter to Boss for Support

Sometimes employers, managers or supervisors go over and above what can be reasonably expected when an employee is faced with a traumatic or otherwise difficult situation. Once the employee is back on his or her feet, It is polite for the employee to write an appreciation letter to the boss for support. Savvy employers recognize the value of key employees and are often willing to help them when they face tough times.

Format and Content

Help or support that employers provide to their employees can vary greatly depending on the circumstances and the employers ability to offer assistance. An appreciation letter to the boss for support format is not set in stone. The letter can simply be a heartfelt thank you from the employee which mentions the specific ways in which the boss’s support helped the employee get through a trying time and return to a sense of normalcy.


Sometimes owners of smaller companies have more freedom to offer support to employees than executives at large firms. This appreciation letter to the boss for support sample is from a young computer programmer with 2 small children whose husband was unexpectedly killed at the scene of an automobile accident.

Dear Mr. Martin,

I cannot begin to thank you and the staff at ABC Software Developers for all the kindness, help and support you all showed me following my husband’s tragic death. I barely even remember what happened after the police officers came to the office to tell me he was killed at the scene. I am told that you took me to the hospital where my husband’s body was located and your wife contacted my parents to pick my children up from school. I was in such shock that I do not even recall these events.

The food that the office provided on the day of the funeral and all the dishes that were brought by you and the staff to my home was a tremendous help as I did not have to cook anything for almost a month. Also, it was so kind of you to close the office to allow all of my co-workers to attend the funeral. I know that cost the company money and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate such kindness on your part.

Perhaps the biggest help of all was the time you allowed me to work at home instead of coming into the office so that I could be there in the afternoon with the children when they got home from school and so that I would be available for them throughout the day. There were several times I had to go to the school to pick up one or both of my children because they simply could not make it through the day. I cannot put a price on the support you have given me. I do not know how I would have survived this tragedy and remained strong for my children were it not for help, concern and kindness.

With Heartfelt Thanks and Deep Gratitude,

Angie Davis

Angie Davis