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Letter of Appreciation to Employer for Promotion

It is always nice when an employer shows faith and trust in an employee by giving him or her a promotion, additional responsibility and more pay. A letter of appreciation to an employer for a promotion is a thoughtful gesture that shows your boss you are grateful for the confidence shown in you and the opportunity to advance your career. If you have multiple bosses, you can send similar a appreciation letter to each one.

Format and Content

A letter of appreciation to an employer for a promotion format should include your name, your previous position and the new position to which you have been promoted. If your company is owned by multiple people who had to agree on your promotion, it is a good idea to compose a letter of appreciation to each one. The letter can be mailed or hand delivered shortly after you start your new position.


The individual writing this letter of appreciation to an employer for a promotion sample is a court reporter who has been promoted to the position of supervisor over all superior court reporters. She is grateful to the superior court judge who is affording her this opportunity for career advancement.

Dear Judge Hammond,

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your promoting me to supervisor over the superior court reporters following Ellen Green’s retirement. I am tremendously excited about this challenge placed before me and eager to be an integral part in the installation and implementation of the new court reporting system scheduled for the first of the year.

I also appreciate having 30 days’ notice so that Ellen could begin training me to take over her position. After 15 years in the position, there was a tremendous amount of information in Ellen’s head. The month of training was extremely helpful, and it was very wise for you to suggest it. I believe I will be able to perform much more efficiently now that I have worked alongside Ellen for a full month.

I have heard very encouraging comments from the other court reporters, and I look forward to serving as their supervisor for many years to come. They are a wonderful group of people, and very dedicated to their jobs. With the growth in the county, it is vital that we do not miss a beat, especially after our new system is installed.

I would like to meet with you at your convenience regarding some ideas I have to streamline some of our processes once the new system is up and running. Again, I greatly appreciate this promotion, and welcome the additional responsibilities and challenges that come with it. Thank you for this great opportunity.


Carrie Martin

Carrie Martin