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Appreciation Letter to Team for Good Work

Many leaders in companies and businesses today like the idea of teamwork among their staff members. From cross training to job sharing, the idea of working as a team is prevalent in the modern business world. Everyone likes to receive an enthusiastic for a job well done, especially upon completion of a big project. This is where an appreciation letter to a team for good work might be a good idea.

Format and Content

One of the most important things to remember in an appreciation letter to a team for good work format is to not leave anyone out. If there are too many people on the team to name each one individually, at least remember to name each department. Be sure to mention the dates involved in the project, some details about the project and specific ways that the team brought it to a successful conclusion.


Many businesses get involved with local charities, and employees volunteer their time to help raise money for the selected charity. This appreciation letter to a team for good work sample is from a company president to a team of employees who volunteered to raise money for the American Heart Association.

Dear ABC Heart Fund Team,

As a result of your hard work and determined efforts, we had a record fundraising year for our local chapter of the American Heart Association. Since we represent hospitals, clinics and others that provide healthcare to the general public, it makes sense for us to be involved with a charity that fights heart disease, the leading killer of Americans today.

I want to extend my most heartfelt appreciation to every person who worked on the Heart Fund Team this year. It took the contribution of each individual on the team to create the tremendously successful fundraising work that we had this year. We had record participation in the 5K Heart Walk which led to record dollars being collected through pledges and other donations.

The used book sale, a new endeavor this year, proved to be an excellent idea. It was such a smashing success that we will most definitely add it to our yearly fundraising activities. Always a favorite, we had some of the most creative and scrumptious goodies sold in our bake sale this year. We have some very talented bakers on the team, and their delicious contributions helped make this year’s bake sale the best ever.

Heart disease is a very serious matter as we all know. Great strides have been made in the last few decades in surgical and pharmaceutical treatments for heart disease. It is volunteers like all of you, who raise the funds that contribute to the research and development that ultimately saves lives. Thank you all for your exceptional work on our Heart Fund project this year.


Frank Stein

Frank Stein