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Attorney Client Termination Letter

Despite the will and the desire, an attorney may not be able to help every client who engages his or her services. When it becomes evident the attorney-client relationship is not working, the attorney should withdraw from the case by way of a thoughtfulattorney client termination letter.

Content and Format

Use the first paragraph of the letter to state your termination decision and the date the termination will go into effect. Limit the content of the letter to helpful information. Provide the client with the reason you are terminating the relationship, using a professional tone and respectful wording. It may be appropriate to see a current case through to the end while informing the client you will not be handling future legal matters on their behalf.Advise the client of any legal matters that need attention and your intentions regarding work in progress in the attorney client termination letter format. Send the letter by certified mail with return receipt requested.


The attorney in this attorney client termination letter sampleis ending the attorney-client relationship due to a lack of cooperation on the part of the client. The attorney warns the client that his lack of communication is jeopardizing his case. The attorney ensures the client that she will represent him at his upcoming court appearance but encourages him to seek new legal counsel before the termination deadline written in the letter.

Dear Mr. Holloway:

After careful consideration, I have decided to end our attorney-client relationship. My goal is to give every client the best advice and representation possible. After evaluating the circumstances of your case, I have concluded that it is in your best interest to seek other counsel. As of September 15, 2013, I will no longer represent you in court or handle any new legal issues on your behalf.

My decision is based in part on your lack of response to my request for information and documentation. I have communicated to you the importance of this information on several different occasions. Without this documentation, you have no proof of your claim. You are due to appear in court on August 12, 2013. I will appear as your counsel on this date. Please be advised that unless I receive the requested documentation immediately, I will have no legal grounds with which to defend your position or to protect your intellectual property rights.

My decision to end the attorney-client relationship is nonnegotiable. I am convinced that for whatever reason, you are purposely withholding information. I have told you numerous times that our conversations are protected by attorney-client privilege. This assurance has failed to inspire your full cooperation.

I encourage you to seek new representation as soon as possible. I will continue to handle the pending case until September 15, 2013. I am sorry this did not work out and I wish you all the best going forward. If you have any questions, you may call my office at (555)-555-5555.


Sarah Ackerson

Ms. Sarah Ackerson

Myers, Ackerson & Johnson