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CEO Resignation Letter

When a CEO resigns from a company’s top position, a well thought out letter should be penned to the superiors in the company. Often a CEO’s letter of resignation is leaked to the media or can end up on the internet for the world to see; therefore a resigning CEO should write the letter assuming that it will be made public. It could be embarrassing to have an angry letter published for everyone to read.

Format and Content

A CEO resignation letter format should start out by addressing the owner of the company, the board of directors or whatever individual or entity to whom the CEO is accountable. It is almost always wise to express gratitude for the opportunity to lead the organization as its chief executive officer and to offer good wishes for the future success of the company. Although not required, it is acceptable to mention the reason for the resignation.


This CEO resignation letter sample is addressed to a technology company’s board of directors. The CEO is leaving on good terms to become the leader of a budding clean energy company, a technology about which the CEO is passionate. His years as CEO of the technology company were highly successful.

Dear Board of Directors:

I hereby resign my position as CEO of ABC Industries, Inc. effective upon the appointment of my successor. It has been an honor to lead ABC Industries these past 3 years and to serve the millions of customers who use our software products all over the world. I am proud of what we have accomplished as a team on behalf of our customers and employees as we pursue the interests of the company and bring value to technology users on a global level. I am convinced that ABC will continue to be an increasingly strong force in the technology industry and will bring innovative ideas and create pioneering technologies for our customers worldwide.

It has been my great privilege to work with an exceptionally dedicated and skilled team of executives and managers who lead the most talented group of customer representatives I have ever seen in all of my years in the technology industry. I am exceedingly grateful for all of the long hours and hard work ABC’s employees have put in to boost the company from a small regional technology firm to a global industry and contender for the world’s top seller of advanced technology. These are not accomplishments a CEO makes alone. These are achievements that require a committed team of gifted, tenacious individuals who come together to work relentlessly for a common goal.

As many of you know, one of my passions is the development of alternate energy sources to provide power and fuel for vehicles, homes and industries. I believe in the future of clean energy and greatly desire to be a part of advancing this incredible technology. I am fiercely committed to finding a way to bring affordable, clean energy to every home and business in America. For this reason I have decided to accept the position of CEO with XYZ Clean Energy, a new but groundbreaking company already making great strides in the field.

It has been my pleasure to lead the team at ABC Industries. I could not have asked for a more supportive board of directors and I treasure the friendships I have cultivated with each one of you. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your CEO these last 3 years.

With gratitude and warm regards,

Allen White

Allen L. White