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Independent Contractor Termination Letter

An independent contractor may be terminated according to the specifics contained in the contract. Usually, this includes the requirement of an advanced notice. A termination letter is a good way to inform the remote worker or business of your decision.

Format and Content

The content is dependent on the wording used in the contract. Some contracts are written ‘at will’ and allow the contractor-employer relationship to be terminated at any time and for any reason. Keep the tone of the letter professional and the independent contractor termination letter format focused and limited to necessary and relevant information.


In independent contractor termination letter sample, the independent contractor is another business. The terminating party does not provide a reason for ending the business relationship, but instead, focuses on the information of interest to both companies.

Dear Mr. Johnson:

This letter is to inform you that I, Peter Richmond, have elected to terminate the independent contractor agreement,entered into on May 1, 2013, between Alex Johnson, located at 287 Firebird Lane, Atlanta, Georgia 89765 and Seabreeze Entertainment Services, located at 897 Mulberry Drive, Atlanta, Georgia, 89765. The termination of the contract will take effect on October 31, 2013. My decision in this matter is final and there will be no negotiation. Please consider this letter the official 30-day notification as outlined in our agreement.

According to my records, you have received partial payment for several outstanding deliverables that you need to complete on behalf of Seabreeze Entertainment Services. These deliverables include: 1) 3 press releases; 2) advertisement placement of the Florida vacation package in 3 national and 2 Florida publications; and 3) research pertaining to the effectiveness of mobile billboards in the southern and eastern portions of the United States. The specifics for each assignment were given to you in writing on September 15, 2013.

I would like to receive a draft of the press releases, along with the publication source for each, by the close of business on October 4, 2013. I expect to see the contracts and the ad copy for the advertisement placements by the close of business on October 10, 2013. You may turn in the research on the effectiveness of mobile billboard advertising at any time prior to October 20, 2013.

I would like to arrange one or more strategy sessions with you during the last 2 weeks of October to discuss the 2014 advertising plan you created and submitted on September 5, 2013. You have already been paid for this plan as well as 6 additional hours to allow for in-person discussions at my office.

As per our contract, you will be paid the remaining balance for each deliverable within 3 business days of submission. This payment is contingent upon the work being completed according to the specifications contained in each assignment. If you have any questions, you may contact my office during normal business hours at (555)-555-5555. Thank you for your work on behalf of Seabreeze Entertainment Services. I wish you the best going forward.


Peter Richmond

Mr. Peter Richmond, Owner

Seabreeze Entertainment Services