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Interest in Job Letter

Expressing an interest in a particular job is often the first step to securing an interview and eventually landing the position. An interest in job letter is a simple and straightforward letter that lets your potential employer know that you are interested in the opportunity and would like to learn more. This can be used for both internal communication, pursuing a promotion or departmental shift, or an external communication, seeking a new job with a new company.

Format and Content

The bulk of this letter should focus on your reasons for wanting this position. The exact tone of the interest in job letter format depends on your familiarity with the company and your knowledge of the employer. If you know the person who will be reading your letter well, you can be slightly more casual, although you should still retain a professional edge. You should be sure to mention your relevant experience at least briefly in the letter, as that will give your employer a reason to move beyond preliminaries and bring you in for an interview. Finally, you should be sure to include your contact information so your potential employer can reach out to you with an interview or offer if needed.


This sample letter is written by an individual who currently works as an administrative assistant and who is expressing his interest in becoming an assistant manager. In this case, the person is familiar with the individuals who will be interviewing him. Because of this preexisting relationship, this interest in job letter sample focuses mostly on the person’s desire for the position and his existing role in the company. A stranger to the company would need to include more details of past experience to establish his skills and experience.

David Degree

117 Walton Road

New Orleans, LA 70129

August 14, 2013


High Fields Entertainment Services

Human Resources Office

121 Greenfield Drive

New Orleans, LA 70129

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing to express my interest in the open assistant manager position within the Department of External Communications with High Fields Entertainment Services. I am currently an administrative assistant within the department and feel that I am ready to make the jump to the next level.

I have served as an administrative assistant within the Department of External Communications for five years. During this time, I have received outstanding job evaluations on a yearly basis. In 2012, I won Employee of the Year honors. In this new position, I would not only be able to continue my high quality of work but also train others to help improve our company.

I have attached my resume and references. I can be reached with any questions at [email] or by telephone at (123) 456-7890. Thank you for this opportunity, and I hope to speak with you soon.


David Degree