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Internship Letter of Intent

The internship letter of intent tells a potential employer that you are interested in an intern opportunity with the company. Companies hire individuals who will help the organization achieve its goals. This letter provides the maximum benefit when it demonstrates a clear alignment between the hiring company’s goals and your career goals, education plans, skills and abilities.

Format and Content

Take the time to learn about the company before drafting your letter. Use the internship letter of intent format to present a persuasive argument as to why you are the best candidate for the position. Use a professional tone that is not overly stiff or overly friendly. Make a special note of the job requirements and highlight your competences that meet or exceed these requirements. Include soft skills, such as communication and organizational abilities and any personal attributes that will help you succeed in the position.


This internship letter of intent sample is for a student seeking an internship in a career field that matches his academic field of study. The applicant’s educational and professional experience is in alignment with the requirements listed in the job posting. The hiring organization has a stellar reputation in the industry, which is of particular interest to the applicant.

Dear Mr. Dawson,

I plan to seek a fall internship with the Investigations Division at the New York office of Wayburn, Colt and Reilly from 8/28/13 to 5/19/14. I am currently enrolled at New York University and I will graduate in the spring of 2014 with a master’s degree in Administration of Justice and Security. My degree focuses on homeland and global security, in particular, how the field of security relates to American businesses. I believe there is a perfect alignment between the goals of your company and my experience, skills and long-term career goals.

I am very familiar with Wayburn, Colt and Reilly’s outstanding achievements in corporate security. I am especially impressed by the methods the company uses to prevent intellectual theft. A company that makes a public declaration of its intentions towards internal and external constituents, and then translates those words into practice is a company worthy of public admiration. I too, value high ethical standards and work hard to ensure these standards are a part of my daily life.

Along with my educational achievements, I possess 6 years of practical experience in the corporate security sector. I learned the practical side of corporate security during my 4 years as an intern for Global Security Services of Florida. During the last two years, I was a member of the team that developed and installed the SKYWATCH security initiative at several leading malls in the New York area. An internship with your company will provide me with the opportunity to hone my skills and to develop new ones.

I am extremely detail orientated and especially adept at analyzing and evaluating raw data. I have an outgoing personality and thrive in team-oriented environments. I excel in the areas of comparative and quantitative analysis and I am an expert in many computer programming languages including SQL, C++, PHP and VB. I am enclosing my resume for your consideration. Please feel free to call me at (555)-555-5555 or email me at [email] you for your time and consideration.


David Stevenson

David Stevenson

Enclosure: Resume