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Interview Appointment Letter

An interview appointment letter has two basic formats, with each format serving a different purpose. This type of letter can be sent from a hiring agency to remind a candidate of a scheduled appointment. Alternatively, it can be written by a job applicant who is seeking employment with a specific company. In either case, the letter accomplishes the purpose of scheduling an interview for a position.

Format and Content:

This type of letter should have a professional tone with the purpose of the letter stated clearly in the opening paragraph. It should include the sender’s expectations for the requested meeting. A job seeker should include information that will entice the receiver to grant the requested interview, such as qualifications, company references or professional accomplishments. The interview appointment letter format is brief and to the point in most cases.


This interview appointment letter sample is from a job applicant who wishes to secure an interview with the General Manager of the company’s marketing division. The author uses a professional tone and includes his qualifications to generate interest. He also mentions his connection with the company as one of his professional references.

Dear Mr. Land,

I am writing to request an in-person interview. I am interested in securing a position in the marketing division of SPS Corporation. I learned of the job opening from your President of Operations, Michael Smith. I met Mr. Smith at the International Expansion Seminar held at the Marriott last month. Mr. Smith spoke at length about the organization’s growth and about possible opportunities within your department.

I am aware that SPS is expanding into three new global markets over the course of the next year. I believe I have the experience and skills needed to help with this expansion. I moved to Texas two months ago. Prior to this, I lived in California, where I worked as the International Marketing Director for Swingline Inc. During my time with Swingline, I secured several multimillion-dollar contracts with firms located in the United States and foreign countries. I decreased my department’s expenses by 20% while increasing overall productivity and employee satisfaction rates by 25%.

I am a dedicated professional who thrives on challenge. I enjoy working in foreign countries and have spent 50% of the last five years living abroad. I am fluent in five languages, including French, German, Spanish and Chinese. I enjoy being around people and I work well with co-workers, subordinates and superiors. I had a level 3 security clearance with Swingline and was trusted with highly confidential information as well as information pertaining to patents and trade secrets.

I am enclosing my resume for your consideration. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in person. I can be reached at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email] I am available to meet any time within the next two weeks. I will be happy to provide professional references and to answer any questions you may have concerning my qualifications. I look forward to meeting you.


Paul Winston

Paul Winston

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