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Invitation Letter

Many occasions call for an invitation letter; you may be inviting business associates to a function introducing a new employee, or you may need to invite the owners of local businesses to participate in a grand opening. Whatever the reason, writing an invitation letter can seem a daunting task for some. The guidelines below will help you in this task, so that your letter looks professional and contains the necessary information.

1. Include your name and address.

At the upper left-hand side of the page, include your name, address and contact information.

If you have letterhead containing this information, use that instead.

2. Date your document.

Two to four spaces down from your name and address details, include the date you are writing the invitation letter.

3. Address the recipient.

Space down two lines from the date, and include the recipient’s name and address.

4. Subject of your invitation letter.

Two spaces down from the recipient’s address, include a subject line. For example: Re: Invitation to grand opening of (name of business opening).

5. Body of invitation letter.

After your salutation (Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. followed by last name, or first name if personal friend), begin writing your letter. The first sentence or two should summarize the reason you are writing.

In the body of your letter, include the description of the occasion, the date and time of the function and the reason for the occasion, such as company grand opening, introduction to new staff member, etc. Also express your pleasure in inviting the recipient, and how you look forward to their attendance. In the last paragraph of your invitation letter, express your thanks for their time and mention briefly that you look forward to having them as your guest.

6. Sign your letter.

After completing your letter, use a closing remark such as “Sincerely”, followed by your typed signature. You will want to hand sign the letter directly above your typed signature.

7. Add an R.S.V.P.

At the bottom of your invitation letter, include an R.S.V.P. detailing where the recipient should respond to in order to confirm their attendance. Alternately, you may want to send a separate card or form that they can send back along with the letter.

Always remember to proofread your invitation letter for spelling and grammar errors. Write it in a professional manner, using simple fonts that are easy to read.

Sample invitation letter

Letterhead stationery including name, address and contact information


Your name


City, State, Zip

Email address and phone number


Recipient’s name


City, State, Zip

RE: Subject of invitation letter

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss) followed by last name, or first name if personal friend,

The introductory sentence should explain briefly why you are writing. Summarize what is included in the body of your letter.

In the main body of your invitation letter, flesh out the details. Include when the function will take place, the time, who the honoree is (if applicable), and why you are holding the function. Include all details in this area in a brief, friendly tone so that the recipient can clearly understand when and where the function will take place, and the reason for it. Let the recipient know that it is their attendance would be your pleasure.

In the final sentence or two of your letter, thank the recipient for taking the time to read and respond. Also reiterate the fact that you are looking forward to seeing them at the function.


Your name

R.S.V.P. Let the recipient know where and to whom to respond, along with the deadline for doing so.

Now that you have a guide to go by, you can easily write a professional looking invitation letter.