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Lease Agreement Letter

A lease agreement is the same as a rental agreement which is a legal contract between the owner of a property, or the landlord, and the person who wants to temporarily use the property for a defined period of time, or the tenant. A lease agreement letter covers all of the terms in this contract such as payment and due dates and often includes the expectations for each party who signs the agreement.

Format and Content

Most leasing companies have a standard form for their lease agreement letter format. The most important part of this letter is making sure to include the financial obligations of the tenant. The rent amount, the date it is due and the consequences for missing a payment must be clearly defined in the agreement. If there is a security deposit or rules for a community, they should be included. Details such as the timeline of the agreement and any terms for renewal should be added, as well.


This lease agreement letter sample is from an apartment complex. The complex, acting as its own leasing company provides a standardized contract letter to a potential tenant to be reviewed and signed. The initial deposit for the apartment is included with the signed letter back to the apartment complex.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Johnson:

Thank you for visiting Camelot in the Grove Apartments last week! We hope you enjoyed your tour of our facilities. As you requested, here is a copy of our lease agreement for the Symphony B Suite. Please review these terms. To reserve your apartment to be move-in ready on Oct. 1, 2013 please return the letter signed, with your initial deposit to our offices by September 15, 2013.

Camelot in the Grove Apartments, the landlord, agrees to rent one of our Symphony B Suite apartments located at 103 Golden Wheat Circle to you, the tenant, for one year starting October 1, 2013. The rental agreement will end October 1, 2014 and is eligible for contract continuationat that time.

The following terms must be agreed to:

1.First and last month rent and an initial security deposit of $100 must be received by September 15, 2013. The deposit will be returned at the termination of this agreement if no damage has been done to the property.

2.The monthly rental fee is $1500. Rent should be received by the 5th of every month. Rent can be paid in cash or by credit with a 2% fee for the transaction.

3.An additional fee of $200 is added for every week rent is late. If the rent goes unpaid for one month, the landlord will terminate the contract and remove the tenant.

We look forward to you joining our community!

Javier Yendel

On-Site Manager

Camelot in the Grove Apartments

(555)-555-5555 ex. 12

I have read and understood this agreement and voluntarily accept the terms.


Camelot in the Grove (Landlord)


Mr. Daniel Johnson and Mrs. Amy Johnson (Tenants)

Date ________________________________